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Abraham Maen

Case Story:

Year of Birth: 2014

Sex: Male

Class: 1

Life Goal: Doctor

My name is Abraham Maen, I am 5 years old. I live in a small village called Olooilalei deep in Maasai land, Kajiado County in Kenya. My parents died when I was 1 year old and left under the care of my grandmother. My grandmother is very old and struggles to take care of me. I suffer from poor health due to my HIV status. Most of my family members do not care at all about me nor do they help my grandmother whenever we are in need. , it is only my grandmother who cares when I fall sick.

I attend Olooilalei Early Childhood Learning Centre, but due to health challenges, I am out of school most of the times. I enjoy being in school whenever I am well to learn and play with my friends as well as meet my teacher- Irene who really loves me. She is always concerned about my welfare. Our economic status at home does not allow me to get proper nutrition. Lack of food at home is a common scenario. Many are the times that my grandmother and I go to bed hungry. Once in two months, Community Initiatives Agenda – CIA travels to our remote village to donate food stuffs for me and my grandmother, and other families in our village. During Worlds AIDS 2018, CIA constructed a one roomed iron sheets house for me and my grandmother to replace our small Manyatta which was in a deplorable condition and almost falling over. CIA also bought for us a 5000 liters water tank for water harvesting.

With your support I can become the Doctor that I want to be when I grow up.

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