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Samuel Thiga

Year of Birth: 2004

Sex: Male

Form: 3

Life Goal: Mechanical Engineer

Case Story:

My name is Samuel Thiga, I am 17 years old. I live in Mathare slums, an informal settlement of Ngong Town, Kajiado County in Kenya. I live with my elderly father together with my 5 siblings, where I am the second born. My father is sickly as he suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. Our mother abandoned as at a tender age, as such our father has been our sole bread winner and with his health deteriorating every day, life has been quite difficult for us. Lack of food and other basic needs at home is a common scenario. Many are the times that my siblings and I go to bed hungry.

I attend Embulbul Secondary School courtesy of Community Initiatives Agenda, whose intervention has helped me to pursue my secondary education this far.

I desire to pursue education to the highest level and be a change maker in my family, community, nation and the world over. With your support I can achieve this and become the Mechanical engineer that I want to be.

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