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CIA is child focused organization. We promote access to quality Early Childhood Education which is a crucial foundation for child development.

The focus is on children below 8 years enrolled in the early learning centers mainly established in the public primary schools in Lenkisim and Olchorronyori locations. Most of the ECD centers in public schools are in a pathetic state. These centers lack basic infrastructure like classrooms and pit latrines. These centers do not portray a child friendly environment as they also lack safe drinking water, age appropriate tables and chairs, learning materials for both indoor and outdoor games. Most of the teachers are not trained to handle young children and therefore the children do not benefit adequately in learning.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. To build the capacity of ECD teachers to ably implement the new curriculum in the ECD centers.
  2. To promote child friendly environments in schools and specifically for the children in ECD centers by providing tables, chairs, school bags, story books, play materials and equipment.
  3. To construct relevant infrastructure in ECD centers like classrooms and pit latrines.
  4. To provide clean drinking and cooking water for the children in ECD centers.
Community Initiatives Agenda

Ongoing Projects

Ecd Projects

Through sponsorship from Safaricom Limited, CIA has managed to construct a classroom and pit latrines for the Early Childhood Center at Oloolakir Primary School in Kajiado South. The project will provide a comfortable learning environment for the children who initially conducted their classes under a tree. CIA seeks more partnerships to improve existing infrastructure, as well as establish new ones in ECD Centers attached to public primary schools located in Kajiado County Kenya.
The overall goal for this project is to strengthen the access to learning resources thereby improving the performance of pupils. The project endeavors to inculcate a reading culture early in the life of a child.
Project outcomes
1:Improved reading and writing skills of the children in the three schools.
2:Improved academic performance of individual pupil.
3:Improved overall performance of the three schools.
CIA appeals for your support to make this project a reality: $30 buys 1 story book for a child, $100 will help to offset our $23000 budget of constructing and furnishing 1 modern library.
The project aims at building playgrounds for 3 Early Childhood Development centers in 3 public primary schools that the organization is currently working with and are located in one of the most remote regions of Kajiado County in Kenya.To benefit 350 children aged between3 – 5 years.
Project outcomes
1:Improved development of physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills among the children.
2:Creation of a safe space to play outdoors for the children.
3:Improved academic performance of the children.
CIA appeals for your support to turn this project into a reality: $400 buys 1 Merry-go-round, $180 buys 1 See-saw, $350 buys 1 Swing, $500 buys 1 Slide.