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Early Childhood Development is a critical time of a child’s development. This is so because, it is the ultimate foundation of a human being. This is the time that the child requires care and stimulation in order to thrive

Children have the right to develop to the fullest, however, not every child receives the same chances and opportunities to do so. Most often, children from remote and poor backgrounds do not enjoy similar opportunities as those who have everything good for their development at their disposal both at home and in early learning centres.

It is imperative that programming for Early Childhood embraces a holistic approach that supports children’s survival, growth, development and learning. This should also include health, nutrition, and hygiene. Young Children’s development should target these domains; cognitive, social, emotional and physical development and should begin right from conception, through pregnancy, birth and pre=school.

It takes concerted efforts to ensure that the child receives all that is necessary to stimulate their growth and development.

CIA is working closely with communities and like-minded organizations and individuals to make the child’s environment a better World by carrying out the following projects.


Welfare Project

At the ECD level, CIA is supporting 3 children from very needy families that require food, clothing and drugs to maintain their poor health. These children are adorable, it’s always a joy visiting them to check on their progress.

Construction Project

CIA is seeking funding to construct a classroom, a block of pit latrines and installation of a water tank. Efforts are also being made to buy outdoor play equipment like swings, climbers, merry-go-round, see-saw and a playhouse.

Development and collection of play and learning materials

CIA promotes the use of local resources to develop play and learning materials. Currently, the organization is sourcing for these materials from friends as well as the local community. Please donate play materials and items that are safe and developmentally appropriate for children aged 4 – 8 years.