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Women population across the globe forms more than half of the world’s population. This by large creates or lays the basis for the significance of women empowerment world over. They form an important group in the realization of the global Sustainable Development Goals and for effective development in all sectors.

Women empowerment is about enlightening women about their rights and responsibilities, which are invested upon them by law. It is about taking pride in their responsibilities.

Economic empowerment for women leads to women empowerment. When a woman is empowered economically, she is able to engage properly in decision making on societal matters. She is in a position to access and control resources which gives her a niche in national and global leadership. It also has a profound and positive impact on the survival and well-being of children. Women empowerment and the well-being of children are inextricably linked. When women are empowered to lead full and productive lives, children and families prosper.

If we care about the health and well-being of children today and into the future, we must work now to ensure that women and girls have equal opportunities to be educated, to participate in government, to achieve economic self-sufficiency and to be protected from violence and discrimination.

It is important to note that education is an important catalyst in women empowerment. Education offers women tools to fight poverty and engage effectively in the development process as their men counterparts. Hence the right to a good education for the girl child is a sure way of empowering women. Education provides a platform for exposure and self-identification. It creates leaders for tomorrow. Education as they say is the key to success.

Community Initiative Agenda (CIA) actively champions for the right of education for the girl child especially among the marginalized communities. CIA jointly with the leadership of three public primary schools in the Maasai community, has formed girls’ clubs where each girl signs a declaration affirming their commitment to working hard and pursuing education to the highest level. This is done through life skills training and talks by successful girls and women from the Maasai community. Building confidence and encouraging the girls to take up leadership roles is central to CIA engagement with the girls.

CIA is also working with two Maasai women groups whose main economic activity is beadwork. The aim of working with these two groups is to explore other business opportunities that they could engage in to supplement beadwork for more income.

If the world is going to realize the Sustainable Development Goals, then women empowerment should be on top of their agenda. This will dictate to a more efficient development process.