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Investing financial resources to help children survive and develop to their full potential is, first and foremost, a moral imperative. But investing in children is also important on practical grounds. It yields positive benefits to economies and societies. Just getting children into school is not enough, Community Initiatives Agenda promotes child-friendly approaches that include securing safe and healthy school environments, and teaching and learning processes that speak to children’s individual needs – so that children can acquire the skills and knowledge they so much desire. Children learning in hardship areas require a lot of motivation if they have to rise above the challenges they are experiencing in order to excel.

The following activities are geared towards helping the students to learn, complete and excel in their primary school education.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To Mentor girls to reduce school dropout rates.
  2. To motivate students and teachers to improve academic performance.
  3. To support needy and bright students to join secondary schools through payment of school fees.
  4. To construct relevant school facilities (classrooms, pit latrines and libraries).
  5. To provide uniforms, desks, hygiene packs (for girls), story books to primary schools.
  6. To create awareness of children issues through the celebration of National and global events that focus on children like; Day of the African Child, World Aids Day, World Literacy Day, World Menstruation Day among others.

Education Projects

The drop- out rate of girls from schools in remote Maasai land where we are working is quite high, most of the girls drop out at grade 5. This is attributed to the low appreciation of educating the girl child. The girls are married off at a very tender age and therefore lack the opportunity to continue with basic and higher education. CIA jointly with the school leadership has formed girls’ clubs where each girl signs a declaration affirming their commitment to working hard and pursuing education to the highest level. This is done through life skills training and talks by successful girls/women from the Maasai community. CIA has brought in a fun component into the clubs to attract the girls by supporting them with netballs and footballs. Building confidence and encouraging the girls to take up leadership roles is central to our engagement with them. The girls also receive a hygiene pack (2 inner garments, sanitary pads, 3 pieces of soap and a face towel, twice per academic) to take care of their hygiene during their menses. They also receive sanitary pads every month. $20 will buy a hygiene pack for 1 girl.
Children require constant encouragement to improve their performance in both the academics and co curricula activities and especially for those coming from remote regions where they experience many challenges. From past school records, a very small percentage of boys and girls is making it to secondary schools.
CIA is supporting schools with different categories of materials for rewarding the boys and girls. They include, individual and group awards in the form of trophies, balls for various games, badges, learning materials and a special branded water bottle for exemplary performance.
Project outcomes
1:Improved transition of boys and girls to secondary schools.
2:Increased retention of girls in primary schools.
We cannot talk about children without involving parents. CIA is working closely with parents to tackle the challenges affecting children. Among the key parenting aspects addressed, include; emphasis on positive discipline, performance, school enrollment, retention and transition, with a special focus on cultural aspects affecting the girl child's education and life.
The overall goal for this project is to strengthen the access to learning resources, thereby improving the performance of pupils. The project endeavors to inculcate a reading culture early in the life of a child.
Project outcomes
1:Improved reading and writing skills of the children in the three schools.
2:Improved academic performance of individual pupil.
3:Improved overall performance of the three schools.
CIA appeals for your support to make this project a reality: $30 buys 1 story book for a child, $200 will help to offset our $23000 budget of constructing and furnishing 1 modern library.
This project seeks to give exposure to disadvantaged boys and girls in 3 public primary schools in located in the very remote and poverty stricken region of Kajiado County, Kenya.
This is done through educational trips and exchange programs around Kenya. To such places as museums, civic events, national parks, local colleges, theaters and so on.
The educational trips, will go a long way in improving their academic performance and build up their confidence. We also believe that by providing them with enriching experiences, it will change the way they experience school and help them create a vision of life outside of poverty.
Educational trips provide a way to bring classroom lessons to life, making them more tangible and easy to understand. Even students who find book learning boring usually enjoy the activity and perspective that field trips have to offer. $16 will sponsor 1 educational trip for 1 child.