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Just getting children into school is not enough. There is need to invest in children if they are to attain their personal, national and global goals. The Kenyan government through the Ministry of Education has invested heavily in this area, however, there are still gaps due to the huge population of children in primary and secondary schools. Any effort by individuals, corporate organizations, communities, and civil societies, NGOs, INGOs and FBOs would go a long way in preparing the children for the future.

Community Initiatives Agenda is keen in working closely with the County Government to promote efforts geared towards ensuring education for all children in the most remote sections of the County.

The organization is doing so by advocating for child-friendly safe spaces, healthy school environments, teaching and learning processes that speak to children’s individual needs. This helps the child to acquire the skills and knowledge they need while at the same time enjoying learning.

The organization is running a number of projects under the Education program.

“Everyone has an opportunity to support this project through a donation of $4 per book”