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Degradation of the environment through pollution, poor waste management and deforestation does not assure children of a quality life in the future. Hence there is a need to help children understand this concept. It is important to note that children nowadays are not connected to nature like in the previous generations were and therefore important to engage children early in life.

Strategic objectives

  1. Support tree planting efforts in schools and in the community.
  2. Support beautification programs in schools.

Ongoing projects

The project is designed to develop small forests and woodlots within the schools compound for multiple benefits to the Schools and the larger Community.It seeks to sensitize pupils and their caregivers, train, and facilitate them to plant and grow trees and shrubs within their schools compounds.
Project outcomes
1:Sensitized and inspired pupils, teachers and parents with increased knowledge, skills, positive attitude and enthusiasm to engage in environmental conservation through tree planting.
2:Enhanced capacity of beneficiaries to fully engage in and maximize the benefits of tree growing and agroforestry practices.
3:Increased awareness and understanding on how to use tree growing as a tool for environmental conservation, to strengthen food security and foster sustainable livelihoods
This project aims at making schools an attractive and safe learning environment for children.
Projec Outcomes
1:Increased sense of pride and ownership for the school in the children.
2:Increased awareness of the environmental issues surrounding the school among the children.