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Meet Immaculate, a vivacious lively mother of two who left a well-paying job to follow the wind of passion in charity and community empowerment. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Community Initiatives Agenda, a non-governmental organization that seeks to empower marginalized communities in Kenya through helping children develop a strong perspective and framework for life.

Immaculate is a graduate from Kenyatta University, a certified project manager, and an educationist with a strong background training in community development. She comes as an acclaimed and respected consultant in the Kenyan Early Childhood Development sector. She is also an active Rotarian.

For the last 18 years, Immaculate has worked with multiple non-governmental organizations targeting communities in the semi-urban, urban, and rural settings in Kenya and Malawi. She has vocally participated in the implementation of programs in Early Childhood Development, Education, Health, Livelihood, and environmental conservation.

Immaculate enjoyed the privilege of a modest upbringing, and luckily, her working parents were able to provide for all the basic family needs. At an early age, however, she noticed that many other children lacked the privileges she enjoyed. This inspired her passion in getting hands-on in the improvement of life for people who lacked what she was able to enjoy while growing up.

In the year 2016, Immaculate started Community Initiatives Agenda, through which she furthers her interest and passion in helping make a better life for the less privileged. She collaborates with communities and schools to help children enjoy a better life.

She helps through providing food, educational resources, mentorship, and sanitary hygiene for girls, among many other initiatives. She also provides civic education to help women and society in taking care and supporting children right from pregnancy to young adulthood.

A loving wife and passionate mother of two, Immaculate holds steady to the belief that you have what it takes to ease the pain of suffering and make life better for those in need.

Immaculate’s greatest call is to everyone who wishes to commit  in loving, supporting and giving hope as an alternative to despair and suffering in the world.