Main Line: +254 743 408 015

Our Core Values

We shall demonstrate the following characteristics by our deeds in our work at institutional and programming levels.

  1. We are stewards. We are committed to serve the children and the society with humility, commitment, responsibility, efficiency, transparency, accountability and cooperation.
  2. We are advocates of Peace. We advocate for peace and protection of basic human rights of vulnerable populations without fear or favor.
  3. We promote Participation. We uphold the principles of participatory approaches but remain focused on our goals.
  4. We are dedicated to excellence. We practice what we preach and live by being dedicated to excellence according to our mission and vision.
  5. We are committed to gender equity.
  6. We are professional. We demand of ourselves high standards of professionalism in carrying out our responsibilities.
  7. We respect indigenous culture. We support good cultural practices (like art, music) that promote peace and unity.
  8. We value innovation. We believe in community innovations to meet local needs through sustainable interventions.