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The Young and the Environment

Human beings are one with the environment. What we do now to the environment affects now and future generations.

Degradation of the environment through pollution, poor waste management and deforestation does not assure children of a quality life in the future. Hence there is a need to help children understand this concept. It is important to note that children nowadays are not connected to nature like in the previous generations were. This is called Nature-Deficit-Disorder and the way to fix it is to get children outside and educate them about nature. If children don’t feel connected to their environment, they will not have the desire to protect it. We should make children understand that it is their planet too.

Habits start young. The best way to teach children how to conserve the environment is to start young. Through active participation and everyday learning, children can make conservation a life-long habit.

Children are born curious. They are smart and love to help. They are interested and excited to know about the natural world and what happens in it. We should take advantage of children’s’ natural curiosity to educate them about their surroundings.

Educating children about the importance of environmental conservation will help ensure the long-term health of our planet for generation to come.

One of CIA key program area is environmental conservation and especially with the children. As such, CIA has put forward a number of activities on environmental conservation for children in the arid areas of Kajiado County. CIA has a campaign dubbed, ‘Adopt a tree Campaign’. Whereby each child among the schools that CIA is working with, plants and adopts a tree. The child is supposed to take care of the tree until it is grown.

Not only is it rewarding to see children grow up to respect the environment, but engaging them with nature has many health benefits.

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