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Community Initiatives Agenda implements its programs in the Kenyan Savannah which is endowed with the majestic Kenyan beauty of culture, people and the wildlife. A trip down to the field always creates memorable experiences to CIA staff and their guests. One gets to be immersed right into the culture and people of the beautiful Maasai land.

The rich dark skin of the African people radiates love and warmth. Sadly underneath this beauty is a cry of someone who is reaching out for help, yes, there is a child asking for your support to pursue their dream. Their dream is to attain an education and to quench their thirst with safe drinking water.

Tour with a Mission provides travelers, scholars and volunteers with an opportunity of exploring the beautiful Kenyan Savannah, while engaging with the community and supporting community projects that CIA implements in areas of – Early Childhood Development, Education, Health and Economic Strengthening.

Rallying Call:

Do you have a calling to touch lives and make a difference? We are calling on you to join us in this exciting journey of Tour with a Mission.


Community Initiatives Agenda mission is to serve as a catalyst for community initiatives in improving the quality of life for children and their caregivers. We believe in putting communities in the lead to create local solutions to development solutions.

Funds raised through such ventures as Tour with a Mission are all channeled towards community development projects.