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The Power of Motivation and Mentorship for Children

As we delve into this conversation, it is important to understand the meaning of motivation and mentorship from the intended perspective.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, motivation is the enthusiasm for doing something or the need or reason for doing something. While Mentorship is the activity of giving a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time, especially at work or school. Mentorship provides a room for motivation.

Why is motivation for children important we ask? Motivation directs behaviour toward particular goals. Motivation determines whether a student will pursue a task with enthusiasm or a lacklustre attitude. When children are motivated, they are more likely to pay attention and try to understand the task at hand. This is because motivation affects the cognitive processing by enhancing it. CIA is supporting performance improvement in 3 Public Primary Schools through their motivation/ reward and mentorship platform. The ECD Centres have not been left behind either.

As a way of improving performance, retaining children in school and promoting their transition to higher education, CIA is donating different categories of materials to the schools for rewarding and motivating the boys and girls. The materials include, individual and group awards in the form of trophies, story books, sports materials for various games, play and learning materials for ECD centres, badges and branded water bottles. CIA follows up closely on the performance and retention of all children through scrutiny of the enrolment, attendance and performance data per class every term. Any dropout cases are followed up to determine the causes and come up with measures to avert these causes. In cases of early pregnancy, CIA is working together with the schools to ensure that such girls are re-integrated back to school after exclusive breastfeeding.

CIA on its mentorship platform has established girls’ and boys’ clubs which serve well in terms of promoting personal development at an early age. The Head teachers have attested to notable improvement in performance as well as in discipline. Every effort should be made to motivate children in order for them to keep excelling and not just in education but also in other areas that determine their development.

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